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Since our start in1919, Modern Aluminum Castings Co, Inc. has been a leader in the aluminum castings industry industry. We have developed into the one stop source for aluminum castings that come in a large number of varieties. You can rely on Modern Aluminum Casting’s for your complete finishing needs. Modern Aluminum Casting’s business is built on traditional craftsmanship, and backed by our skilled and knowledgeable employees.

All of the products that Modern Aluminum makes goes under an extensive testing and inspection process that ensures that all quality requirements are met and exceeded. We work with our partners and suppliers to ensure that we follow the highest of quality restrictions as well, and this relationship between supplier and producer means that you receive service and products that surpass any needs you may have. Another relationship that Modern Aluminum places value on is the relationship between our company and the consumer. We realize the importance of keeping this connection positive by fostering a relationship built on mutual respect, reliability and quality products. We achieve this through our dedication to customer service, as well as a focus on quality products that never disappoint.

Built upon a tradition of quality and excellence, Modern Aluminum Castings has risen to become a powerful player in the castings industry. Our dedication to customer service, as well as employing talented and skilled sales and engineering staff means that you will receive the best possible experience. We stand behind our products as well as our service, and our commitment to a dedicated and experienced workforce leads to an experience that will reach beyond your expectations. Choose Modern Aluminum as your single-source aluminum casting partner.

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