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Warsaw, IN

Dalton Corporation’s Warsaw facility is a gray iron foundry specializing in larger, highly complex parts with tight tolerance requirements ranging from 20-900 pounds. We accommodate small to large run requirements on a range of special alloy capabilities. Our 100 years of foundry engineering experience acts as an extension of your engineering department to optimize cost and weight through in-house prototyping and the latest simulation software. We strive to be the easiest foundry to do business with through versatility and flexibility in scheduling, delivery and processing.

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Iron Castings

Iron Castings

An iron casting is a hard product obtained from combining iron with carbon. This can be readily cast in a mold, and it contains a higher proportion of carbon compared to steel. The proportion typically ranges from 2 to 4.3...

Types of Casting Processes

Types of casting processes

The casting process is an ancient art that goes back several thousand years to the beginning of written history. The archeological record has finds that document the use of the casting process over 6000 years ago around 3000 BC or BCE...

Sand Casting

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a manufacturing process in which liquid metal is poured into a sand mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape and then allowed to solidify. Casting is a manufacturing process in which...

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